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Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is most interesting one because viewers pay more attention to pictures of people than anything else. Portrait Photography is as well very complicated one. There are variety of solutions for your choice. Before you decide ask your self - you like color, black & white or sepia? Where you will hang out this picture or publish? What style is closest to you? Think how you like to picture yourself? Than let me know:

♦ Classic Portraits
♦ Family Portraits
♦ Business Portraits
♦ Beauty & Boudoir Photography
♦ HDR & non-standard
♦ Experimental Portrait Photography
♦ Metamorphosis Photo Sessions

Fashion Photography

I'm not extremely advanced in fashion photography but is most precious for me due to its creative elements. Fashion productions are one thing in common: effects depends on communication between art-designer and photographer. I'm open-mined and creative element play major role in my photography if there is space for it I will be delighted if you invite me to cooperate on your fashion-project:

♦ Look-book
♦ Editorial
♦ High Fashion
♦ Models Portfolio: (simply ask

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is broad niche. I seek for photography challenges and advanced productions at the moment I'm strongest/specialized in following:

♦ Food Products
♦ Florist
♦ Jewelry & Stones
♦ Airlines
♦ Resaurants

However feel free to ask and come up with some photo-challenge: Offer is worldwide.

Wedding Photography

I offer wedding reportages - not much stylized photography but captured real moments with emotions and feelings.

♦ worldwide
♦ reportage like
♦ staged only
♦ we do not publish photos of our customers

Travel Photography

Travel photography is common and complicated one. I offer city portraits and reportages and from natural places impressive picture to help promote and increase tourist traffic. Offer is directed to local tourist organizations in most but editorial and publishers are welcome as well. My advantage in travel photography is long practice and familiarity with different conditions to get expected results. I visited over 50 countries in last 10 years and made over 700 projects.

♦ Local Tourist Organizations
♦ Cities & Places Promotion Photography
♦ Editorial purposes
♦ Documentary

Architecture Photography

Good photography for real estate or hotel help-support sales. Is kind of rear situations where photos become assets and generate money - spending money for good pictures you will profit more than you spend by definition is an investment.

♦ Hotels
♦ Restaurants
♦ Real Estate


Reportage is story telling by pictures. Is one of most difficult types of photography although quite common. I offer reportages from public and business events.

♦ Public events
♦ Business events
♦ Sport
♦ Private events
♦ Trade Fairs
♦ Commercial [reportage presenting e.g. production process, services as marketing material for company promotion]

Special Photography Techniques

Sometimes regular technique boring and there is place for something else like underwater portrait or fashion presented in infrared photography, or event scanography mixed with transparent prints and advanced photography production I will call experimental - in search of limits in creativity ?

♦ Infrared
♦ Ultraviolet
♦ Underwater
♦ HDR & hyper-realistic
♦ Multi-exposures
♦ Cinematographs
♦ Experimental

More at Studio PCF Photography Experimental Photography see also e-books about topic.

Photography Workshops

I organize photography workshops for small groups. Workshops are not based on dogma - like how to set camera - or what brand is better over another? Workshops are designed to learn photography or advance your skills. After workshop you do not need any support on selected topic because you will understand in your own way "how to".

For more please read more about workshops

Photography Tours [City & Nature]

Tours are like combination of workshop and easy travel like city trips or in some natural places. During photo tour program is differentiated from regular travel agencies to blue-hour moments and there are some additional things like exploring abandoned places or getting involved in street photography...unlimited amount of options where light quality will play major role.

For more please read more about photography tours

Photography Expeditions [Wild Life or Places]

Photography Expeditions are like photo tour but often requires greater physical condition - better equipment and journeys are into inaccessible places - or in hard or difficult conditions. It can be from camping in wild for wild animals photography, kayaking long distances, through the mountains walks, or harder to visit locations like Sahara Desert or other inaccessible places...

For more please read more about photography expeditions

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