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Commercial Photography Offers

Portrait Photography Offer

Portrait photography is most wanted and most desire photography product of all. Portrait can be made in several ways and presenting person in different light & style.


Classic Portrait – is intended to be on display as printed in your home or wallpaper of electronic screen. Any form has to present your uniqueness, vitality and show you in best light. Pictures are in electronic version but intended to be printed out. [contact]

Additional product offered is Classic High End Portraits – is portrait that include high-end print out on canvas or plexiglass designed to last for decades or more. Is just like in past painting of person or family to hang on the wall. [contact]

Family Portrait Photography – instead of 1000’s snapshots several descent photographs to present family together will be a perfect gift for your grandparents, as well as to your family. It brings memory and unify family members invoking best memories. Group family picture is best you can have. [contact]

Vintage Portrait Photography – portrait in black & white or sepia. To be printed on canvas and framed in classic frames. [contact]

Glamour’s 40's Hollywood Portrait – it is a black & white portrait with soft lighting and very specific poses to make a vintage style photograph from the time photography blossom on. Is product for personal taste it combines elegance and glamour look. [contact]

Elegant Dress Photography – did you bought expensive elegant dress??? Would you like to have photo session in it? What about some suitable elegant location? Is different type of portrait to impress yourself with look – elegance in awesome location with high end pictures, including several prints. With this product is also offered a A4 hardcover book 48 pages made in like fashion style. [contact]

Film Noir – very experimental portrait with hard contrast in black & white. Film noir is old cinematic technique that’s works well for making photo session with film posters prints in mind. Instead of just picture print you will receive posters. Is great way to decorate your home and cinematic fashion. [contact]

Boudoir Photography – Do you feel sexy and beautiful? This is something for you. Best attributes, sexy poses and interesting lighting will present your body in best way. You do not need to look like top model to have excellent boudoir pictures. Boudoir pictures as great gift for beloved one. In time you can show your grandkids how sexy grandma was … for more spicy photo session please feel invited to contact before. [contact]

Business Portrait – any type of businessman or businesswoman has to present in right way to build trust, to build image and be perceived in professional way. There is no explanation for having crappy picture on company website, or social media, or commercial presentation of you, your business or employees – for that you need professional pictures and look. [download .pdf offer]

Classy Business Portrait – is a sub product made over years of experience of making portraits – and classy portrait is picture like for magazine cover, large print in boardroom, or “hall of fame” in your company… classy picture is connection of company attributes with your personality. Photography production is often prepared ahead – but it can be taken on the spot after a bit of recon.

Commercial Photography Offer

Commercial photography is any business / marketing purpose. If you planning advertisement campaign, poster, taking part in trade fair, product photography, company presentation, rebranding, promotional campaign, seeking company image improvement… please contact. [.pdf Commercial Photography Offer]

Fashion Photography Offer

Clothing are not interesting in general – models are! That why entire industry use their support to sell fashion – create trends and gain money doing so. Fashion photography is most exciting for reasons of challenging task and demands from customers – if you are looking for creative photographer feel free to [contact].

Architecture Photography Offer

Architecture photography as common as it can be – what we make different? One thing only the perception of architect and the way construction went and how it can be photographed to express architect mind and its vision. Our customers appreciate this unique approach very much. [contact]

Reportage Photography Offer

Reportage is my personal favorite photography it require seeing things as they unfold or sometimes to be ahead of time to capture scene that is about to happened. Reportages in its class are offered in black & white also on classic films (ILFORD). Reportage is documentary like to memorize important moment for companies, people, to present to public images from engagement of companies into fairs that are important from business / marketing point of view.

Wedding Photography Offer

Reportages from the unique moment in life as wedding requires good eye and show as beautiful event as it can be – instead of documentary approach and hard reality – you know things happen… there are 3 approaches for wedding photography – check which one suits you best [wedding photography offer]

Specific Industries

Food Photography Offer [accessible on request]
Jewelry Photography Offer [accessible on request]
Airlines Photography Offer [accessible on request]

Agriculture Photography Offer [accessible on request]
Restaurants Photography Offer [accessible on request]
Hotels Photography Offer [accessible on request]