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Upcoming events

IIIrd edition of Free Workshops in Poland

20170320 Rumia - Photography Workshops (free)
20170325 Sopot - Photography Workshops (free)
20170329 Rumia - Photography Workshops (free)
20170401 Lapalice - Portrait Photography Workshops (free)
20170410 Gdynia - Landscape Photography Workshops (free)
20170415 Sopot - Landscape Photography Workshops (free)
20170417 Sobieszewo - Landscape Photography Workshops (free)
20170424 Rumia - Night Photography Workshops (free)
20170429 Suwalszczyzna - Landscape Photography Workshops (commercial)(5 days)
20170506 Gdansk - Night Photography Free Photography Workshops (free)
20170508 Rumia - Night Photography Digital Processing Workshops (free)
20170513 Bird Photography - Biebrzanski NP Workshops (commercial) (2 days)
20170515 Rumia - Night Photography Digital Processing Workshops (free)

more at: [site in Polish]

Studio PCF photgraphy workshops, tours & expeditions.

Planned 2017 Photography Torus & Expeditions:

20170101 Malaysia gallery coming soon)
     ☉ Kuala Lumpur (New Year)
     ☉ Taman Negara National Park
     ☉ Penang Island

20170113 Thailand (gallery coming soon)
     ☉ Adaman Sea Phuket
     ☉ Adaman Sea Island
     ☉ Bangkok Street Photography
     ☉ Ayutthaya Portrait Photography

20170127 Serbia (gallery coming soon)
     ☉ Belgrade Street Photography

20170520 Baltic States Trip: Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania (read more)
20170616 Poland: Tatra Mountains (read more)
20170623 Romania: Carpathian Mountains Expedition (read more)
20170707 Croatia: National Parks (read more)
20170804 Iceland: Off Road Expedition (read more)
20170913 Moldova: Wine Route Trip (read more)
20171116 Thailand: Rain Forest Expedition (read more)
20171207 Laos: Mekong River Expedition (read more)
20171226 Vietnam: Cross Country Trip (read more)

in 2018 we will contuniu to Philipines and Papua New Guinea... than back to India, and United Arab Emirates...than back to Europe in late spring.